“Business as usual”: Citizenship by Investment Unit continues processing applications for citizenship despite island’s challenges

In keeping with the stability and resilience for which the programme and the island of Dominica is known, the Citizenship by Investment Unit is back in full operation, following the events of last week.

Owing to the rigorous processes that have been established over years of refinement, the Unit has had minimal disturbance to the processing of applications, and continues to provide the product that has been widely acclaimed as the world’s best citizenship by investment programme.

Infrastructural damage to the department’s building is minimal, and all lines of communications have been restored, including emails and phone lines.

Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, has applauded the Unit for its proactive response:

“We’re getting on the with the job. My team is amazing. They may have lost their homes, but they have not lost their will to work. We will continue to provide a programme of exceptional service and quality, and as far as we’re concerned its business as usual.”

The Citizenship by Investment Unit, which is responsible for the processing of all citizenship applications and due diligence procedures, continues to enhance their processes with a recently launched online submission portal. Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan, Coordinator of the Unit, attributes the programmes stability to its rigorous processes:

“The streamlining of our processes has meant that we have been able to work with minimal disturbance despite everything going on outside our windows. We are fortunate to have robust frameworks that have enabled business to carry on.”

The Prime Minister continued, by explaining that the quick response by the Unit is steeped in the cultural makeup of the broad Dominican community:

“We are an incredibly strong and resilient community – one that is bigger than just our small island nation, with networks and friends all around the world. Some may be surprised by our ability to carry on, but we are not. The Dominican people are not crippled by the events of the past week. As the British would say, we have kept calm. And now we’re carrying on.”

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme was recently ranked the top programme in the world by the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management magazine. The four indicators for which the programme received 100%  – Ease of Processing, Minimum Investment Outlay, Due Diligence, and Mandatory Travel or Residence – remain unchanged and unaffected by the latest hurricane events.