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's Secret Beach

Secret Bay Resort and Spa becomes top ranked resort in Caribbean

Dominica | 12.01.2023

Dominica is incredibly proud to boast the official number one resort in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas for 2022, as voted for by readers of Travel and...

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Why Caribbean nations should follow Dominica’s lead on sustainability

Dominica | 12.01.2023

Although sustainability is a global issue, few regions need protecting quite like the Caribbean. Not only is the region more vulnerable than most to human activity...

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dominica sunset

Why Dominica has been named the Caribbean’s top tourist destination

Dominica | 04.01.2023

With 28 individual nations, including over 700 islands, the Caribbean has no shortage of fascinating and exciting locations to explore. However, when Travel +...

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Post COP27: Africa and the Caribbean face similar challenges

Dominica | 28.11.2022

The recent COP27 gathering brought together nations from across the world to tackle climate challenges facing the world. While a lot has been said about the...

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COP27 needs a tremendous focus on action, Commonwealth of Dominica looking to share scalable solutions

Dominica | 07.11.2022

There are a few days left until COP27 takes place in the Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh from 6 to 18 November and the Commonwealth of Dominica, like many nations...

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COP27: Conference of the Parties on Climate Change

Dominica | 28.10.2022

The Caribbean Island of the Commonwealth of Dominica has been on a clear and straight path to climate resilience and has been making a meaningful impact on the war...

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Dominica Tops the CBI Index for the Sixth Time

Dominica | 24.08.2022

The Commonwealth of Dominica has been ranked as the best Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme in the sixth edition of the CBI Index. Released this week, the...

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Thrive in 2022 with Second Citizenship in Dominica

Dominica | 14.02.2022

Safety and stability are not the words we would use to describe the world, especially in the last two years. The COVID-19 pandemic not only negatively impacted the...

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Why is Dominica Called the Nature Island?

Dominica | 16.09.2021

Dominica is recognised for many things, including its year-round sunshine, friendly inhabitants and delicious cuisine. But the small Caribbean island is...

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Dominica Tops the CBI Index for the Fifth Time

Dominica | 20.08.2021

The fifth edition of the CBI Index was published this week, and the Commonwealth of Dominica has come out on top once again in the ranking for...

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