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climate-resilient homes in Dominica

Climate-resilient homes in Dominica

Dominica | 24.11.2023

Climate-resilient homes in Dominica are a crucial aspect of the Island’s commitment to sustainable building projects. Bold steps are being taken towards a...

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Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Sector

Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Sector

Dominica Dominica Citizenship | 22.11.2023

Eco-friendly travel is at the heart of Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Sector.  While other islands are after commercialised tourism, Dominica is voicing for...

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‘The Cool List 2024’

National Geographic Traveller’s ‘The Cool List 2024′ Spotlights Dominica

Dominica | 10.11.2023

Dominica, the Caribbean's hidden gem, graces the coveted spot-on National Geographic Traveller's 'The Cool List 2024.' The Commonwealth of Dominica featured in the...

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Meet Mrs Sylvanie Burton, Dominica’s First Female President!

Dominica | 29.09.2023

Meet Mrs Sylvanie Burton. The Commonwealth of Dominica has just achieved a significant historical milestone with the election of Mrs. Sylvanie Burton as the...

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30 Things you didn’t know about Dominica

Dominica | 04.08.2023

Dominica is a small Caribbean Island nation that lies nestled between Martinique and Guadeloupe. Although popular for its glorious beaches and lovely warm climate,...

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The Commonwealth of Dominica included in Canada’s CAN+ Programme

Dominica | 09.06.2023

The Commonwealth of Dominica is now part of Canada’s CAN+ Programme. This was announced via social media by Lilian Chatterjee, the High Commissioner for...

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's Secret Beach

Secret Bay Resort and Spa becomes top ranked resort in Caribbean

Dominica | 12.01.2023

Dominica is incredibly proud to boast the official number one resort in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas for 2022, as voted for by readers of Travel and...

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Why Caribbean nations should follow Dominica’s lead on sustainability

Dominica | 12.01.2023

Although sustainability is a global issue, few regions need protecting quite like the Caribbean. Not only is the region more vulnerable than most to human activity...

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dominica sunset

Why Dominica has been named the Caribbean’s top tourist destination

Dominica | 04.01.2023

With 28 individual nations, including over 700 islands, the Caribbean has no shortage of fascinating and exciting locations to explore. However, when Travel +...

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Post COP27: Africa and the Caribbean face similar challenges

Dominica | 28.11.2022

The recent COP27 gathering brought together nations from across the world to tackle climate challenges facing the world. While a lot has been said about the...

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