Enhanced CBI Due Diligence on Iranian Applicants | DCBIU

Enhanced Due Diligence

Due Diligence Requirements

Mandatory Interviews

All applicants sixteen years of age or over will be required to attend a mandatory interview. During this time, a third-party due diligence agency will perform stringent background checks on the information you have provided.

The mandatory interview fee is US$1,000 per interview.

Interviews will be held virtually, via a secure platform. Applicants will be contacted directly by authorised interviewers for scheduling interviews. Thereafter, applicants and their dependants will attend virtual interviews; Authorised Agents/Licenced Promoters cannot attend interviews on their behalf. All applicants must hold identification documents, and supporting documents deemed necessary for the interview.

Interviews will be conducted in the applicant’s native language or a language of his/her choosing. All applicants 16 years and over are expected to attend interviews; applicants who are unable to join with the rest of their family must pay for additional interviews. Documents requested via the interview will be routed via the Authorised Agent.

Standard Due Diligence Requirements

Applicants  are subject to the standard due diligence fees as follows:

Main applicant: US$7,500
Spouse: US$4,000
Each dependant sixteen years of age or over: US$4,000


The enhanced due diligence fees are applicable to Iranian applicants only.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Enhanced due diligence is conducted on all Iranian applicants. 

Iranian applicants include:

  • Applicants who are citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran; and
  • Applicants who are domiciled in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iranian applicants are required to pay the following enhanced due diligence fees:

Main applicant: US$25,000
Spouse: US$15,000
Each dependant sixteen years of age or over: US$15,000
Each dependant twelve to fifteen years of age: US$10,000


The enhanced due diligence fees above are inclusive of the standard due diligence fees of US$7,500 for the main applicant and US$4,000 for each dependant sixteen years of age or over and the mandatory interview fee. As such, all Iranian applicants are not required to additionally pay the standard due diligence fees or the mandatory interview on top of the aforesaid enhanced due diligence fees.