Eco-friendly travel is at the heart of Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Sector.

 While other islands are after commercialised tourism, Dominica is voicing for ‘eco-tourism’ and attracting responsible tourists from around the world to its sustainable luxury resorts. Let’s explore Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Sector.

Dominica isn’t just about its breath-taking views.  It boasts captivating forests, and adventure-filled, ecotourism-friendly activities. Its large port attracts large cruises, making it a key tourist destination. The island stands as a beacon of preservation in the Western Hemisphere, emphasising Dominica’s uniqueness.

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Dominica

With dense forests and a canopy akin to the ‘Garden of Eden’, Dominica offers an immersive experience.  Visitors can explore volcanoes, sulphurous hot springs, and the famed Boiling Lake—the world’s second-largest hot spring—a haven for nature lovers and photographers alike.

Dominica is emerging as a prime eco-tourism destination with its array of eco-friendly lodges, villas, and resorts. The country aims to develop an industry that’s not just eco-conscious but also luxurious and budget-friendly, envisioning a versatile holiday destination for all.

Championing Environmental Preservation

Committed to preserving its natural heritage, Dominica’s government educates tourists about responsible nature enjoyment. Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit’s vision to rebuild Dominica as the world’s first climate-resilient nation underlines the nation’s dedication to sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Resorts and Sustainability Efforts: Sustainable Hospitality

Resorts like Secret Bay and Jungle Bay promote eco-friendly travel by offering experiences close to nature. With locally sourced materials and stunning vistas, these retreats immerse guests in Dominica’s soul while emphasising wellness through yoga, spas, and jungle safaris.

  1. Secret Bay: Often recognised as the Caribbean’s top resort, Secret Bay stands as a pinnacle of sustainable luxury. This haven offers guests an ultra-luxurious stay while maintaining an eco-conscious approach. Comprising stunningly designed eco-friendly cottages crafted from locally sourced wood, Secret Bay epitomizes a harmonious blend of opulence and environmental responsibility.Read more: Accolades pour in for Secret Bay Dominica!
  2. Jungle Bay: Perched on a breath-taking cliff overlooking the azure sea, Jungle Bay offers an intimate connection with Dominica’s natural beauty. This resort is a sanctuary where guests can embrace serenity amidst pristine surroundings.

The resort’s ethos revolves around sustainability and wellness, providing an environment for visitors to unwind and reconnect with nature. With offerings like yoga sessions, spa treatments, and jungle safaris, Jungle Bay allows travellers to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the island while fostering a deep appreciation for its ecological treasure.

  1. InterContinental Dominica: The InterContinental Dominica showcases an architectural marvel harmonising with its natural surroundings. With an emphasis on sustainability, the resort features eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient systems, reducing its ecological footprint without compromising on luxury.
  2. Coulibri Ridge: A luxurious destination that values both comfort and the environment. Named Dominica’s greenest resort, Coulibri Ridge proves that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing luxury—it’s all about a lavish and eco-conscious experience.

Investing in Sustainable Development

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment’s Economic Diversification Fund option supports various sectors on the Island. These include infrastructure and healthcare, whilst contributing to the country’s development and promoting eco-friendly tourism. Individuals can invest in eco-luxury properties under the Real Estate Investment option. Notably, the Real Estate in Dominica is one of the fastest growing in the region.

Biodiversity Haven

Dominica has nearly 170 bird species, 1000 plant types, and approximately 74 types of orchids. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot agouti, the iconic red-necked parrot, or crapaud frogs, making it a haven for nature lovers and photographers seeking captivating shots. Visitors will also be fortunate to spot the Sisserou parrot, their national bird.

A Climate-Resilient Vision

Dominica’s journey to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation by 2030 stems from the devastation caused by hurricanes like Maria in 2017. Structural, financial, and social resilience programmes aim to fortify against natural disasters and build a sustainable future.

It was in September 2017 that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit declared in the United Nations General Assembly that the Commonwealth of Dominica would be the first climate-resilient nation in the world by 2030, and since then, the Commonwealth of Dominica has been taking steps towards this goal.

With initiatives such as weather-resilient crop cultivation and fiscal reforms, Dominica’s efforts to achieve climate resiliencies a work in progress. By 2030, Dominica may set an exemplary precedent for the world in climate resilience, showcasing the power of dedication to sustainability.