In a positive spotlight, the Commonwealth of Dominica received high rankings in the latest World Citizenship Report, thanks to its strong geopolitical stability and freedom of movement.

This year, the World Citizenship Report focused on the theme of responsibility amidst electoral changes. Dominica’s democratic values, secure environment, and dedication to global citizenship principles landed it among the top performers.

Securing the 52nd position out of 188 countries assessed, or within the top third globally, Dominica outperformed nations like Slovenia, the Dominican Republic, and Macedonia.

About the World Citizenship Report

The World Citizenship Report employs a comprehensive scoring system, evaluating countries based on various citizenship motivators such as Safety and Security, Economic Opportunity, Quality of Life, Global Mobility, and Financial Freedom.

Dominica excelled in Safety and Security and Global Mobility motivators, showcasing its alignment with the priorities of global citizens preparing for the 2024 elections.

Elections and Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

As the largest election year in history, global citizens care more than ever about finding a secure second citizenship option. Dominica, with its Citizenship by Investment offering and high marks for safety, presents an opportune second citizenship solution.

A signatory to the flagship Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between Caribbean CBI jurisdictions, Dominica has time and time again demonstrated its commitment to the highest standards of CBI due diligence.

Climate resilience and the World Citizenship Report

With the assistance of its CBI programme, Dominica has elucidated its commitment to be the world’s first climate resilient country by 2030. This goal has particular necessity in 2024, given the potential electoral change gripping governments around the world.

As citizens decide the future of their nations by exercising their right to vote, one prominent electoral theme in countries across the globe has been, and will continue to be, climate change.

Becoming climate resilient makes Dominica a safer, more secure country against potential disasters stemming from climate change.

The World Citizenship Report explores the ways in which younger generations, more acutely affected by climate change, are engaging with electoral change in 2024. Climate change remains of foremost concern to millennials and Gen Z and is a key factor in their electoral choices.

Sustainable Development and Climate Resilience

From investment in a world-leading and ecofriendly cable car, to the surge of sustainable ecotourism across the island, Dominica is a leader in environmentally-friendly policies.

Ecotouristic offerings include the huge national parks system in the country, along with the eminent UNESCO World Heritage site on the island, the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

Aided by CBI funds, Dominica is also leading the region in creating methods for green energy generation and extraction. While drilling two geothermal wells for energy extraction, the country is also building a power plant and corresponding transmission network for geothermal energy.

World Citizenship Report: Dominica Surges to Prominence

With its stable government, secure society and climate resilience, it is unsurprising that the Commonwealth of Dominica fell within the top third of all countries studied in the World Citizenship Report.

Continued climate resilience innovation, multifaceted environmental protections and a secure society aid Dominica in its position as a country highly favoured by global citizens.

With a notable focus on climate resilience and sustainable development, Dominica has positioned itself as a leader in environmentally-friendly practices.

Overall, Dominica’s stable governance, secure environment, and climate readiness have rightfully earned it a place among the top performers in the World Citizenship Report, reflecting its dedication to progress and sustainability on the global stage.