How Citizenship by Investment Contributes to Dominica’s Ongoing Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals

News | 05.02.2021

The impacts of Hurricane Maria in 2017 were severe both for Dominica’s economy and it’s citizens’ wellbeing. To prevent devastation from natural disasters, the...

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Dominica is Building A Climate-Resilient Future

News | 26.11.2020

On 18 September 2017, the Commonwealth of Dominica suffered the world’s worst environmental and economic disaster to date, but the resilient nation is...

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Citizenship by Investment Funds Boost Dominica’s Local Economy

News | 08.10.2020

When one considers Citizenship by Investment (CBI), the main focus is usually on the benefits that a second passport will offer the investor. The prospect of having...

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Dominica is Open for Tourism

News | 17.08.2020

Since August 7th, the Commonwealth of Dominica fully reopened its borders for tourism and hospitality. Dominica started its reopening in a phased manner. As part of...

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Changes to the Definition of “Dependant”

Government notices News | 03.08.2020

Under Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, the meaning of “dependant” has been amended to include a wider range of family members. Please refer to...

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Transforming Lives Through CBI: Education

Development Update News | 09.06.2020

There is not a shadow of doubt in the minds of Dominicans that their nation’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme has helped them in almost every sector...

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