Second Citizenship for North American Citizens - Dominica

Second Citizenship for North American Citizens

“Plan B” Second Citizenship?

There are many ways to acquire a second citizenship. The most common routes tend to be through marriage or birth-right, but there’s another path that many US, Canadian and other citizens from highly-developed nations are beginning to consider – citizenship by investment. Citizenship by investment refers to the process in which an applicant of honourable standing makes a substantial contribution to the economy of its chosen country. In turn, the host country will grant the applicant citizenship of its nation.

With increasing uncertainty at home and abroad there has been a surge in interest in second citizenship from citizens across the globe particularly for the security of a ‘’Plan B’’ – essentially an insurance policy and a quick exit strategy should the need arise for whatever reason.  Second citizenship allows individuals to safeguard themselves and their families against unnecessary risks and uncertainties associated with having only one country of residence. Should any type of social, political, or economic unrest unfold in one’s home country, a Plan B is the most secure way to protect one’s self and one’s family.

The Dominica Programme

Since 1993, Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has been considered one of the strongest programmes in existence. Its longevity and trusted track record are only some of the features that investors are attracted to. The government-legislated initiative interests thousands of investors who wish to join Dominica’s Global Community.

Key Benefits

  • Visa-free travel to over 130 countries, including Europe’s Schengen area, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia and China
  • Applications processed in 90 days
  • No travel or residency requirement
  • Citizenship can be passed down to future generations
  • No wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income or capital gains tax
  • Stable political climate
  • Dual citizenship allowed
  • Spouse, siblings and other family dependents can be included in the application.
  • The application process is confidential.

The Best Programme in the world

Dominica’s CBI programme has been ranked number 1 for its achievements by the CBI Index, an annual independent report published by the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management magazine.

Dominica's COVID-19 Managment

Dominica has also done extraordinarily well in its management of COVID-19 and is rapidly developing and rolling out a vastly improved healthcare infrastructure (read more here).

Investment Options

For those interested in obtaining the Dominican citizenship, there are two models of investment:

  1. A contribution into the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) amounting to a minimum of USD 100,000. Learn more about the EDF option here.
  2. An investment in approved real estate with a value of at least USD 200,000. Discover all the approved real estate projects here.

Dominica has several world-class resort development projects approved for Citizenship by Investment including the award-winning Secret Bay Resort, recently ranked by Travel & Leisure the #1 resort hotel in the Caribbean and #6 hotel in the world.