The Covid-19 epidemic has scaled exponentially, becoming a global health threat of unprecedented magnitude. It is not the first time, however, that the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has had to react swiftly to a devasting event. You will recall that in the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, the Citizenship by Investment Unit temporarily closed its physical office and instead accepted complete applications uploaded via our online portal.

Despite the effects of Hurricane Maria, Unit staff was quick to adapt and resume application processing within a matter of days. Our commitment to the smooth functioning of the Citizenship by Investment Programme remains as strong now as it was then.

Pursuant to guidance issued by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica to ensure containment and to prevent transmission of Covid-19, the Citizenship by Investment Unit will once again, from 25 March 2020, operate remotely and will accept complete applications uploaded through our online portal. In order to protect you, our Authorised Agents, we also ask that you temporarily halt physical submissions of citizenship by investment applications. In line with these requirements, the Citizenship by Investment Unit will be operating in restricted premises.

Please be advised, however, that physical submissions of applications that are uploaded on our online portal during this period will be required at a later date, to be communicated to you by the Unit. Forms and documents that have not expired at the time of upload onto our online portal will be deemed to have been submitted in a timely fashion even if they have expired by the time they are submitted to the Unit in physical form. The Unit however retains the right to ask for any additional supporting document, on a case by case basis.

Applications uploaded on the portal will be used to commence due diligence procedures and progress applications.

Throughout this time, communication with the Unit will remain possible through our emails.



Citizenship by Investment Unit