Post-Citizenship Additions in Dominica: An Easy Flowchart

Dominica’s 2020 Regulations expanded the ways in which an economic citizen can make a post-citizenship addition for his or her family members. This includes additions of new born children and newly married spouses. For economic citizens who were main applicants in an original application, the 2020 Regulations also allow additions of family members who are dependants and who would have qualified as dependants at the time of the original application.

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The examples below clarify how this can be achieved:

Jane obtained citizenship of Dominica under the CBI Programme. Jane wants to make a post-citizenship addition in respect of her new born child, new spouse, and mother.

Example 1: Can Jane add her new spouse?

Example 2: Can Jane add her new born child?


Example 3: Can Jane add her mother?


Note that, for all these examples, Certificate of Naturalisation Fees also apply, and both Passport Fees and Professional Fees may also apply.

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