Dependants in Dominica: An Easy Flowchart

Dominica’s 2020 Regulations amended the meaning of “dependant” to include a wider range of family members. Now, investors have more scope than ever before to include members of their immediate and extended family in an application under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme.

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The examples below clarify who qualifies as an eligible dependant under the Programme.

Adam is applying as a main applicant under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme with his spouse Neha.

Example 1: Can Adam add his spouse?

Example 2: Can Adam add his child?

Example 3: Can Adam add his mother?

Example 4: Can Adam add his mother’s spouse?

Example 5: Can Adam add his grandfather?

Example 6: Can Adam add his grandfather’s spouse?

Example 7: Can Adam add his sibling?

Note: the same is true for Neha’s children, parents, grandparents, and siblings – even if the main applicant is Adam

Download flowchart