As travel begins to slowly reopen in parts of the world, many are looking to secluded destinations that can be enjoyed without fear of endless lockdowns or virus spread.

The Commonwealth of Dominica offers more than your typical Caribbean experience. Aside from plenty of sun, sea and sand, the nation – affectionally known as the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’ – offers visitors a restorative getaway with wellness, both physical and emotional, at its core.

With its mountainous topography, jungles, rivers and waterfalls, Dominica is the perfect destination for those looking to live in harmony with the Earth. The island is committed to a green ethos to practice sustainability in every faction of society, aligning with its pledge to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation. This has already been demonstrated in many ways, including the island introducing the world’s most “comprehensive” plastic ban, ensuring each hotel and resort are built to environmentally sensitive standards and constructing weather-resistant homes for its population.

Before the pandemic, health and wellness tourism was already growing in popularity, with many travellers seeking out experiences that centre rejuvenation at no cost to the natural environment. In 2019, Dominica was ranked as one of the top tourism destinations of the future by fDi Intelligence, a Financial Times service, particularly in two categories: eco-tourism and health and wellness.

Those who visit the island can partake in a long list of activities that promote recovery and healing. This includes yoga, holistic massage, chiropractic care, pilates and several natural spas across Dominica. Additionally, thanks to its rich soil, there are vast herbal offerings with medicinal qualities that can be sourced on the island. Combined with the quality of fresh air and water, it is no wonder that the island is home to a large population of centenarians. 

If you’re looking to rejuvenate, relax and refocus, here are some of the experiences awaiting you in Dominica:

Mud Pools and Hot Springs

The small village of Wotten Waven is located in Dominica’s Roseau Valley, home to some of the island’s most prolific sights and activities. Most notably, the region is known for its natural hot sulphur springs and mud pools believed to have therapeutic properties. After a particularly tough hike, visitors can bathe in the mud pools, especially helpful for sore muscles, and take in the surrounding greenery.


While you’re in the area, visit the magnificent Trafalgar Falls, located in the famous Morne Trois National Park, a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Trafalgar consists of two twin waterfalls side-by-side that can be accessed after a hike. There are also warm hot springs on either side of the falls that can be enjoyed before heading back down.

Dominica is home to several other waterfalls. Depending on where you’re located, you can visit one of the following: Middleham Falls, Victoria Falls, Salton Waterfalls, Titou Gorge and plenty of others dotted around the island. 

Diving, Snorkelling and Whale Watching

Dominica’s volcanic foundation has made it home to unique sights, including the famous Champagne Reef. Named after the bubbling waters triggered by the ocean floor’s thermal springs, the reef attracts diving and snorkelling enthusiasts eager to explore Dominica’s deep waters. Many visit the reef to engage in whale-watching, with Dominica being the only country in the world home to a sperm whale population all year round. Local tour guides and fisherman ensure that they too follow strict guidelines and do not attempt to “lure” the whales, another aspect of Dominica’s affinity for not just its own citizens but its mammal population.

Culinary Experiences

Dominica is home to some of the best dining experiences around, thanks to its fresh local produce. The island’s sustainability ethos ensures that it uses what the island has to offer, from vegetables, fresh fish and other organic products. Dominica’s cuisine is delectable, blending influences from various countries from the Caribbean to West Africa, and is one of the highlights of visiting the island.