The Commonwealth of Dominica, also known as Nature Island, is rich in culture and heritage, teeming with fauna and flora, but not overflowing with people. The island offers retirees a solace from the chaos where you can breathe clean, fresh air and reconnect with nature at its finest.

There is a range of reasons why retirees seek the balmy beaches of Dominica, with the low cost of living topping the list. When the cost of living is pennies on the dollar, a laid-back beach life overseas is within reach even for those who don’t have much of a nest egg. If you’re looking for a quiet place to explore nature and enjoy your retirement without breaking the bank, you’ll find that nothing else suits your needs quite as this little country does.

Here, you’ll find yourself a quiet overseas retirement, filled with gorgeous scenery that includes turquoise water, white beaches and truly clean air, food and water. Aside from the obvious, the country has a very low crime rate, making it one of the safest countries in the Caribbean.

The population of the island is only 70,000 and is around the size of New York City. The capital city of Dominica is Roseau, and you can travel inland to Roseau anytime you’re searching for peace and tranquillity should you choose to settle here.

Dominican Lifestyle

Dominica promises an unspoiled paradise for divers, hikers, and naturalists alike. It showcases dramatic volcanic landscapes, lush rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and steamy hot springs, the rocky coastline shelters rustic coastal villages and rocky black-sand beaches known for good snorkelling and diving.

You can’t fully consider the option of retirement in Dominica without dipping into the type of culture and cuisine you’d be enjoying. The cuisine is created with strong Creole influences, so you can anticipate delectable dishes featuring variations of chicken, yams, dasheen salad, and rice. You can also expect the appearance of many tropical fruits in your dishes, like mangoes, bananas, and coconut. Top all of that off with a generous helping of seafood, and all your culinary desires are taken care of!

The island is also full of locally grown organic produce, and because it’s all local, it’s quite affordable. Visiting outdoor marketplaces to take advantage of the best prices is a favourite activity among locals, with the market and stall owners always radiating a lively island vibe and of course, their ever-ebullient smiles!

In terms of cultural lifestyle, Dominica is known as one of the happiest countries in the world, so unsurprisingly the people are known to be very welcoming, friendly and accommodating.

One of the most pleasant surprises about life in Dominica is the richness of the culture. Its Creole origin is an eclectic blend of African, European and Kalinago traditions, which is ever-present in its foot-tapping music that embraces anything from calypso and reggae to folk music and rock ‘n roll.

Citizenship by Investment

Dominica doesn’t have a specific visa for those seeking overseas retirement on the island. Nonetheless, as a retiree or prospective resident/family, Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme is the way to go. It allows well-vetted investors and their families to contribute to a government fund or pre-approved real estate on the island in exchange for citizenship. Since Dominica offers dual citizenship, that second passport allows visa-free entry into 140 countries.

As you can probably tell, the perks begin to add up when you consider what you get in exchange for a couple of higher bills.

The benefits of settling in Dominica are insurmountable. If you are genuinely seeking a better quality of life, and the opportunity to own your own piece of paradise quite literally, there is no better place than Dominica.