Hotels today are much more than just a place to sleep and rest. Many travelers view them as an integral part of a gateway experience. With the recent boom in CBI-financed hospitality real estate in Dominica, the island is continuing to move closer to boasting hotels that are as much a selling point as the destination itself.

Upon completion, some of the Caribbean’s most luxurious eco-spa resorts, all designed and constructed with updated hurricane resistant building codes, will be nestled within Dominica’s most picturesque communities where citizens will be afforded opportunities such as employment or as horticultural and agricultural suppliers for the properties.

Despite the passage of Hurricane Maria, hotel development in Dominica has continued, as investors are seeing the value of developing in the island. Across the country, the construction of luxury hotel developments – namely Jungle Bay, Kempinski and Anichi (formerly known as Silver Beach) – has resumed.

Sam Raphael, developer of the Jungle Bay Spa Resort, revealed that that property was still on course to deliver its first phase [which will see the completion of 30 villas] by the end of 2018, after foregoing a break during the just concluded holiday period:

“We are trying to get back on schedule. What we’re doing is, we’re working on recovering the lost time [due to the hurricane] and we are adding to our workforce over the next month.”

Through this continual investment in hospitality real estate, which currently employs hundreds of locals, the CBI Programme is poised to help position Dominica at the region’s tourism apex with an innovative portfolio of elegant resorts.