The Commonwealth of Dominica has called to the Dominican diaspora to assist in the already promising development and rebuilding efforts on the island. At a meeting at the Diaspora Forum on Tuesday 1st November, Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit articulated the many steps forward taken by Dominica as it strengthens its economy, and brought to light the ways in which the Dominican diaspora could collaborate with locals in ensuring national prosperity.

“We need Dominicans selling Dominica; we need Dominicans selling Dominicans,” emphasised the Prime Minister on this matter. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit encouraged Dominicans living abroad to consider options for involvement in the Dominican economy, and to facilitate the island’s socio-economic regeneration.

Attention was also drawn to Dominica’s rehabilitation works after Tropical Storm Erika. “Tropical Storm Erika taught us a valuable lesson of the need for constant retooling” was just one of the ways in which Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit expressed the necessity for strengthening and supporting funding for disaster relief and prevention. Current programmes underway to meet these demands include the Storm Erika Rehabilitation Works Project, which aims to rebuild infrastructure affected by the storm.

Other cause for address on the evening focused on the diaspora’s participation in “building back [a] better” Dominica through investment. Identified areas for investment included Dominica’s health and energy sectors. Geothermal energy was recommended as a key attraction for investment, promising cheaper and sustainable alternatives for businesses and households. “[G]eothermal energy positions us as the leading nature island, not only of the Caribbean but of the world,” said the Honourable Minister for Employment, Ian Douglas, who also actively participated in the forum.