Uncertain and challenging times have proved to us that we need to take better care of all parts of our lives. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help boost your immune system to fight against foreign viruses and attain a better and longer quality of life.  

According to the Dominica Council on Aging, a charity that keeps records of the centenarians, there are almost two dozen on the island in a total population of around 70,000. This is three times the average incidence of centenarians in developed countries such as Britain and the United States. 

Known as the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean,’ Dominica outdoes at offering eco-conscious tourists an exceptional experience that only the island’s natural beauty, wellness facilities, exquisite locations and kind people can provide.  

The island has time and time again been recognised by hospitality industry experts for its ecotourism because it encourages visitors to find well-being through healthy food, adventurous activities, natural healing, and an outdoor lifestyle that connect to nature to one’s inner self. 

Dominica also knows full well the importance of resilience not just in structure, but in the attitudes of its citizens. After valiantly overcoming the mass devastation following Category 5 Hurricane Maria in 2017, the island put emphasis on balanced well-being that comes from spiritual, mental and physical health. 

Spiritual Health on the Nature Island

Dominica’s remarkable natural attractions make the perfect backdrop to stretch away from your worries. Whether you are doing yoga, meditating or getting fit in a new and unique way, Dominica’s natural beauty will help you on your journey.  

Imagine meditating on the Red Rocks at sunrise; trail-running around Freshwater Lake in the afternoon; and practising yoga at sunset in the rainforest to the sounds of birds and the scent of the flora and fauna surrounding you.  

Dining in Dominica 

Because Dominica is blessed with rich volcanic soil and adequate rainfall, fresh tropical produce does not need to be imported. Local fruits like mangoes, soursop, cherries and guavas make delicious juices or mixers as do a wide variety of citrus crops.  

The sea surrounding the Caribbean island is also bountiful. Flying fish, dorado, kingfish and tuna are likely to be among the catches of the day and seasoned with lime, fresh herbs, peppers and spices serve as the basis for a variety of Creole cuisine. 

Let’s not forget treating ourselves to a cup of local coffee with a side of dessert made with cocoa grown on the island. 

Treating Yourself to a Spa Day

Dominica is home to many world-class spas that rejuvenate and relax your mind and body. The Kempinski, backed by the nation’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, is one of the wellness heavens that let tranquillity and a sense of wellbeing overcome you. Their Water Temple surrounded by rainforest trees clears your mind while the glass-fronted sauna opens you up to incredible views of the surrounding landscapes. They also offer a mud-treatment experience on their outdoor patio that allows you to feel, smell and see what Dominica has to offer.