The Commonwealth of Dominica has proudly launched its ‘Safe in Nature’ programme alongside Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), and the Ministry of Tourism, geared to revive the tourism industry post-COVID-19.

The 2020 pandemic has had wide-reaching and devastating effects on the local tourism industry. Dominica finally officially reopened for tourism in August, with many of the island’s most popular hotels and resorts once again welcoming guests, allowing the island to recover. As part of its ongoing quest to safeguard both locals and tourists, The Nature Isle, as its fondly known, is providing a safe and welcoming experience for tourists.

“We are excited to announce the Safe in Nature commitment brand! To those thinking about travel, those thinking about visiting us to experience our rich cultural celebrations and cuisine, those needing a well-deserved break from chaos and crowds, those needing rejuvenation, we extend a warm invitation to Dominica, where you, your family and friends will be Safe in Nature!” said Honourable Denise Charles, the Minister for Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives.

Having launched the official logo at the beginning of October, and working in close association with all relevant industries, the Safe in Nature programme promises a holistic, curated experience for the first week upon arriving in Dominica. The programme includes transport to and from the ports of entry, accommodation at a partnering hotel, all water and land-based activities and amenities on-site, as well as transportation services for select excursions.

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Dominica offers tourists world-class which, under the guise of the Safe in Nature campaign, promise the perfect social distancing activities. From world-renowned diving, breath-taking hiking trails and romantic secluded bays, travelling to Dominica guarantees both your safety and enjoyment.

As wellness forms a significant part of the lifestyle on Dominica, Safe in Nature has committed to providing wholesome and delectable creole cuisine. The programme also showcases all the natural locally made goods of the island from local herbal teas and rum cocktails, to natural sulphur spas and skincare products.

Marketing Executive of DDA, Samantha Letang, said this brand concept focuses on encouraging travel from the country’s source markets, including the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France and also the French West Indies. They are currently within the high-risk category of travellers.

The initiative also speaks volumes to those wishing to invest in the Citizenship by Investment (CBI)  Programme, as they too reap the benefits of the campaign. One of the advantages of the Dominica CBI Programme is that investors and their families can obtain a second passport without setting foot in the country. This also means that many investors are entering the country for the first as citizens, and have very limited knowledge of the country in terms of where to stay, what to do, and how to get around. The Safe in Nature programme offers a welcome soft-landing.

Having been rated the best CBI Programme for four years in a row by the CBI Index, the mountainous Caribbean island nation, with natural hot springs and tropical rainforests, is fast becoming one of the most popular CBI destinations in the world. The Dominica CBI Programme allows well-vetted investors and their families contribute to a government fund or pre-approved real estate on the island in exchange for citizenship.

Details of “Safe in Nature” managed experience can be found on the travel advisory page of Discover Dominica Authority at