Over EC$1 million (around US$370,000) in funds generated by our Citizenship by Investment Programme will be used to sponsor roadworks in the Grand Bay Area. The project, funded on seven contracts signed on 5 April 2017, will be essential to improving access to homes and businesses, and will ensure that our roads are made safer for use. Amongst the envisioned changes is the transformation of dirt roads into concrete roads, as well as essential drainage work.

The signing ceremony for the seven contracts was attended by Member of Parliament Justina Charles and two Village Council Officials. Mrs Charles noted that almost EC$4 million had already been disbursed to improve roads in the community, and was optimistic about work being completed by the end of the year.

Speaking on the importance of citizenship by investment for the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Chairman of the Grand Bay Village Council, Mr Edward Registe, remarked: “as Dominicans we need to support the [Citizenship by Investment] Programme because without it our country would have collapsed already.” He also expressed hope that the roadworks would increase employment in the area, particularly for Dominica’s youth.