In today’s globalised world, tens of millions of people are dual citizens. Quite simply, this means they are citizens of two countries simultaneously, a status that can confer certain benefits, from greater international mobility to improved economic opportunities.

Dual citizenship is usually obtained through familial ties, marriage or naturalisation, but it’s still possible to get without following these traditional routes. Most notably via a country’s citizenship by investment (CBI) programme.
Take the Dominica CBI scheme, for example. By making a significant contribution to the country’s Economic Diversification Fund or purchasing pre-approved Dominican real estate, applicants can obtain a Dominican passport and enjoy all benefits of dual citizenship in Dominica. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages in more detail

Improved international mobility

A single passport can limit your ability to freely travel to other countries as there are governments that prevent citizens of certain nations from entering. For example, many Middle Eastern countries don’t allow those with an Israeli passport to visit due to rocky political relations.

Being denied entry into a country because of one’s nationality became even more common during the coronavirus pandemic, with governments restricting entry depending on how widespread COVID-19 cases were in specific places. However, their own citizens were almost always allowed to return from outside of the country. Therefore, a second passport could help individuals avoid such restrictions and continue to travel freely to their countries of citizenship.

Increased via-fee travel

Similarly, many countries impose visa restrictions on particular nationalities, meaning they must go through lengthy visa application processes in order to gain entry. For example, Afghan citizens only have visa-free access to 26 countries, severely impacting their ability to travel easily. Compare this to a Dominican passport offering visa-free entry to over 140 countries and territories. This means that an Afghan would gain access to over 115 more countries visa-free by becoming a dual Afghan-Dominican citizen.

Economic opportunities

Dual citizenship confers the right to work and do business in another country, opening up a whole host of economic opportunities. The second nation may have a more business-friendly government and an environment more conducive to certain lines of work. Take Dominica, which is currently the fastest-growing economy in the Caribbean largely thanks to its eco-tourism sector, providing excellent opportunities in the industry. Dominican citizenship will also offer unfettered access to other Caribbean countries in the near future as a result of the proposed CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). Working in a similar way to the EU across Europe, this will facilitate free movement of goods, services, persons, capital and technology in the Caribbean.

Family reunification

As more people around the world obtain a second passport, many governments have made it easier for their families to do so too, ensuring nobody is left behind. As part of Dominica’s CBI programme, citizenship can be extended to your spouse, dependent children, dependent parents and grandparents, spouses of dependent parents and grandparents, and dependent siblings. You can also pass this down to your descendants, protecting your family’s future for generations to come. It’s important to note that there are additional fees for each individual added to your citizenship application.

Personal and professional safety

Many countries can be difficult places to live due to issues like authoritarian governments, social unrest and economic downturns, putting people at risk of persecution, poverty and even death. Dual citizenship can be the ticket to a better life in a nation where civil liberties are safeguarded and there’s greater socio-economic and political stability. This is exactly what Dominican citizenship offers as a country with political, social and economic stability. For example, in Dominica, there are free and fair elections and robust human rights laws, as well as a thriving economy.

Lifestle advantages

Dual citizenship can provide significant lifestyle advantages. One interesting fact about Dominica, for instance, is that it’s quite literally known as The Nature Island. Citizens are lucky enough to live in a beautiful Caribbean country bursting with immense natural beauty. Among the highlights are its volcanoes, hot springs, rainforests and beaches. As well as its beauty, Dominica is known for its welcoming, fun culture and sense of community, making it an ideal place to live.

So there you have it: the benefits of dual citizenship. If you have any more questions regarding Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme and becoming a dual citizen yourself, please don’t hesitate to read our FAQs page or contact us at your nearest convenience.