On May 18th, at the China Offshore Summit 2021 in Beijing, the Head of the Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit, His Excellency Emmanuel Nanthan, invited Chinese investors and their families to apply for  citizenship of Dominica.  


During his speech, Ambassador Nanthan introduced his nation and explained the benefits of  Dominica’s  Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme for Chinese applicants. 

“My brothers and sisters, I am saying that you, as Chinese investors, [you] have an ideal opportunity to invest in a programme that is well-known. Our programme has been in place for almost 30 years,” he said. 

World’s First Climate-Resilient Country

“I take great pleasure and great pride in welcoming you to invest in Dominica [and in] welcoming you to be citizens of Dominica, a country that has a commitment to natural beauty, a country that has a commitment to be the world’s first climate-resilient country, a country where we respect the rule of law, [a] country where we [ourselves] are in nature, where we live in line, and in tune with, nature.”  

Rated Best Programme by CBI Index 

Dominica’s CBI programme is recognised as the world’s most successful programme of its kind. For four consecutive years, the programme has been rated best by the CBI Index published by the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management magazine, which ranks all the world’s active CBI programmes against key investor priorities. 

Investment Options for Dominica’s CBI Programme

In the 2020 edition of the CBI Index, Dominica achieved full marks in six categories. The island was praised for its affordable minimum investment threshold in which investors can make a direct monetary investment of only US$100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund and become citizens of Dominica. However, applicants must first pass a rigorous due diligence process, said Ambassador Nanthan. “When we do our due diligence in Dominica, we only accept applications from recognised agents approved and appointed by the Government of Dominica. Due diligence is the cornerstone of our CBI programme as Dominica has [a] duty to protect and preserve the safety of the international community.” 

Alternatively, investors can also choose the real estate option under which the minimum investment is US$200,000. The Dominican government cherry-picks the best brands like Marriott, Kempinski, and Hilton, so applicants feel assured that their funds are with some of the most trusted developers in the world. 

Besides benefits like the ability to travel over 75 percent of the planet, economic citizens can live and work in Dominica and pass their citizenship down for generations to come.  

“An investment in our programme is an investment for you. It’s an investment for your children and an investment for your future generations,” the Ambassador concluded.  

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