In an interaction following the election in India, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his commitment to forge closer ties with the Commonwealth of Dominica.  

The interaction came after Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit tweeted his congratulations to Modi after Modi secured his third term. 

A key regional leader, Dominica enjoys close relationships with countries such as the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates. Prime Minister Skerrit meets regularly with world leaders and is known globally as a key Caribbean leader with strong sustainability credentials.  

His inclusive approach to politics has led leaders worldwide to seek his input regarding environmentalism, climate resilience and Small Island Developing States. 

India and Dominica: A Strong Partnership

Deeper ties between Dominica and India will bring about a deeper bilateral relationship between the two countries. The world’s largest democracy, India is a key economic, societal and diplomatic partner for Dominica.  

Dominica’s commitment to diplomatic collaboration and its international partners informed the country’s approach to the landmark Memorandum of Agreement (MoA).  

Dominica helped lead this agreement between the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment (CBI) countries, which standardised CBI practices and reinforced all Caribbean CBI practices to be consistent with the expectations of international partners. 

Dominica was also an integral part of the US-Caribbean roundtable, which put forward Six Principles for Caribbean CBI countries to follow. 

Modi’s re-election comes at a key time for India, as the country enters a coalition government led by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).  

The deeper partnership forged between Dominica and India cements Dominica’s place as a uniquely well-connected country, with strong relationships with international partners and the international community at large.  

Dominica’s Government Partnerships

Dominica’s government has fostered a range of strategic partnerships both regionally and globally to enhance economic growth, infrastructure development, and sustainable practices. These collaborations play a vital role in the country’s progress and resilience. 

Regional Partnerships

  • Caribbean Community (CARICOM): Dominica actively participates in CARICOM initiatives to strengthen regional integration and cooperation. 
  • Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU): A key member of the ECCU, Dominica works towards monetary stability and financial resilience in the region. 
  • Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS): Engages in joint efforts with OECS member states to address common challenges and promote shared prosperity. 

Global Partnerships

  • United Nations (UN): Collaborates with the UN on sustainable development goals, climate resilience, and disaster preparedness. 
  • European Union (EU): Benefits from development assistance programs and trade agreements with the EU to support economic growth.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

  • Investment Promotion: Collaborates with private sector entities to attract investments in key sectors such as tourism, agriculture, and renewable energy. 
  • Infrastructure Development: Partners with private companies for the construction and maintenance of critical infrastructure projects. 
  • Disaster Resilience: Works with private stakeholders to enhance disaster preparedness and response capabilities. 

Through these collaborative efforts, Dominica remains committed to building a prosperous and sustainable future for all.