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The Commonwealth of Dominica has announced regulation updates and price increases in a strategic move to harmonise its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme with the objectives set forth in the Memorandum of Agreement among the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) nations.

The decision to raise the minimum investment threshold comes as part of Dominica’s commitment to upholding the principles of cooperation and collaboration within the OECS framework.

By aligning its CBI Programme pricing structure with that of fellow OECS nations, Dominica aims to strengthen regional unity and promote a cohesive approach to economic citizenship initiatives.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Price Increase

The price increase in Dominica’s CBI Programme reflects a concerted effort to enhance transparency, integrity, and sustainability in the Citizenship by Investment sector. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in the OECS Memorandum of Agreement, Dominica demonstrates its dedication to upholding industry best practices and fostering investor confidence in the region.

This strategic adjustment underscores Dominica’s role as a key player in the Caribbean’s Citizenship by Investment landscape. By meeting regional standards, Dominica reinforces its position as a leader in promoting responsible citizenship investment opportunities that contribute to economic growth and development across the OECS nations.

Regulation Updates

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit has introduced key regulatory updates to not only align with industry standards but also to enhance operational efficiency. These pivotal changes aim to elevate the integrity and effectiveness of the Programme, ensuring a streamlined and secure process for applicants and stakeholders alike.

The key changes are as follows:

1. Increases in Minimum Investments for Economic Diversification Fund Direct Investment

One of the significant revisions in the Dominica CBI Regulations 2024 pertains to the minimum investments required for the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) investment option direct investment. These adjustments seek to bolster the economic impact of investments and align with the evolving financial landscape.

The New Minimum Contribution Threshold for the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme are as follows: 

Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) 
Main Applicant: US$200,000
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2. Changes to Government Fees for Real Estate Investments

In response to market dynamics and stakeholder feedback, the government fees for real estate government fees have been revised in the updated regulations.

1.Real Estate Investments 
The minimum real estate investment remains at US$200,000
Click here for more information on the Real Estate CBI Investment Option2.New Government Fees effective 1 July 2024:

Single Applicant: US$75,000
Family of four: US$100,000

3. Introduction of Responsibilities of Financial Intelligence Unit

To fortify anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing measures within the CBI Programme, the 2024 regulations introduce explicit responsibilities for the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). This strategic move underscores Dominica’s commitment to upholding international standards of transparency and security.

4. Explicit Change of Name Prohibition

An essential change in the updated regulations is the explicit prohibition on changing names for applicants seeking citizenship through the CBI Programme. This measure enhances the Programme’s integrity and ensures consistency in identity verification processes, safeguarding against potential misuse or fraud. These key changes in the Dominica CBI Regulations 2024 symbolise the government’s proactive approach to enhancing the Programme’s governance, compliance, and investor protection mechanisms. By embracing these updates, Dominica reaffirms its commitment to fostering a robust and reputable Citizenship by Investment environment, setting a benchmark for excellence in the global CBI landscape.

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