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Your Journey to Second Citizenship

You made a wise choice when considering Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. With a flawless reputation as a testament to its reliability, Dominica has been declared by the Financial Times Specialist PWM as offering the world’s best economic citizenship programme.

So far, no other country has managed to outrank Dominica.

With a programme running for over a quarter of a century, a streamlined and efficient application process, and nearly 140 destinations to travel visa-free or with a visa on arrival, the Commonwealth of Dominica has been the prime choice for many global investors looking for second citizenship.

Start Now

Step 1: Choose an Agent

Hire an agent to represent you and process your application. Select your Authorised Agent from this official list.

Step 2: Fill up your Application

Your Authorised Agent will provide you with an application pack to be completed.

Step 3: Due Diligence & Submission

Once the application is completed, your agent submits it to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU). At this stage, an applicant must next pay the Processing and Due Diligences fees.
Notes: While there is no need to visit or reside in Dominica, strong due diligence is carried out with multi-tiered background checks to ensure the information you provide is accurate.

Step 4: Application Examination & Approval

The unit examines your application and informs your agent if there is anything missing or irregular. If all goes well, you will receive the ‘Approval in Principle’ from the Government within 2-3 months, as guaranteed by our legislation, at no extra cost.

Step 5: Make the Investment

You can now choose how you want to make your investment: either a contribution to the EDF, which starts at USD 100,000; or purchase of pre-approved real estate, valued at USD 200,000 minimum.

Step 6: Receive the Naturalisation & Passport

The CBIU will issue you with a Certificate of Naturalisation, with which your agent will apply for a passport on your behalf and send to you once processed.