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Become an Authorised Agent

Become an Authorised Agent

For designation as an Authorised Agent, each person or entity must sign a written agreement with the CBIU agreeing among other things to adhere to the terms and conditions of the CBI Programme. They must submit a detailed application and pay the requisite fee.  

An Authorised Agent may have sub-agents and Licenced Promoters, for which the Authorised Agent is responsible. Authorised Agents must register sub-agents and Licenced Promoters with the Government of Dominica, and monitor their activities, websites, and events. The first step in becoming a Licenced Promoter or sub-agent is to contact an Authorised Agentfrom the list available.  You may then discuss the role of Licenced Promoter or sub-agent directly with the Authorised Agent. 

What is an Authorised Agent

Authorised Agents are persons or entities licenced by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) authorised to act on behalf on a main applicant and their family in relation to the submission of their CBI application to the CBIU. Authorised Agents must be:   

  1. Citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica;  
  2. Reside in Dominica or have their main office registered in Dominica with a minimum of 3 staff; and  
  3. Must undergo due diligence background checks by independent due diligence firms and the JRCC, to main such designation.   

A person or entity shall not qualify as an Authorised Agent if any of its business owners, partners, shareholders or directors is – 

  • a member of Parliament, or a spouse, partner, or child of a member of Parliament; or 
  • a member of the Unit, or a spouse, partner, or child, or sibling of a member of the Unit; or 
  • convicted of a criminal offence involving fraud, money laundering, or other financial crimes, or being investigated for fraud, money laundering or other financial crimes in the Commonwealth of Dominica or any other country. 

Role of the Authorised Agent

  • Liaise with the Citizenship by Investment Unit in relation to an application 
  • Receive and digest policies and guidance issued by the Government and Citizenship by Investment Unit 
  • Provide guidance as to forms and documentary requirements, including translation, certification, and legalisation requirements 
  • Perform KYC checks on all applicants and submit such checks to the Citizenship by Investment Unit together with the application 
  • Ensure the accurate promotion and dissemination of the Citizenship by Investment Programme across all channels in accordance with the Regulated Promotional Guidelines 
  • Support and monitor sub-agents and Licenced Promoters 

Authorised Agents are responsible for all promotion, advertisement or publication in relationship to the Citizenship by Investment Programme and the public dissemination of such information by any sub-agent, Licenced Promoter or any other person or entity on behalf of or in conjunction with that Authorised Agent.   

Authorised Agents are reviewed annually by the CBIU for adherence to their obligations before re-licencing. Therefore, Authorised Agents who do not want to lose their licence will: 

  • Train and provide guidance to their sub-agents/Licenced Promoters 
  • Monitor their sub-agents/Licenced Promoters 
  • End their relationship with sub-agents/Licenced Promoters who fail to properly promote the CBI Programme in accordance with the regulated Promotional Guidelines  
  • Not carry out business in a manner detrimental to the interest of his or her clients or to the reputation of the Commonwealth of Dominica and/or the Dominica Citizenship by Investment programme 
  • Charge fees below the minimum thresholds or engaging in non-authorised fee arrangements 

Initial Registration Process 

A person who meets the eligibility criteria specified in the Regulations who wishes to act as an Authorised Agent with respect to applications for Citizenship by Investment of the Commonwealth of Dominica must in accordance submit their application in person to the Unit, using the prescribed application form and providing the following: 

  • proof of registration or certificate of incorporation (if applicable); 
  • a copy of their business licence (if applicable); 
  • the full names and two-government issued photographic identification documents for all business owners, partners or shareholders and directors of the entity; 
  • a copy of the approved anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policy of the entity, which shall include know-your-client (KYC) policies;  
  • a signed copy of the Authorised Agent Licence Agreement and Code of Conduct; and  
  • payment of a non-refundable initial application fee of US$20,000. 

Licence Renewal Process 

An Authorised Agent who wishes to maintain its status as an Authorised Agent must in accordance with the Regulations re-submit:  

  • the prescribed Authorised Agent application form,  
  • the requisite supporting documents;  
  • a signed copy of the Authorised Agent Licence Agreement and Code of Conduct; and 
  • pay the annual renewal fee of US$15,500 on or before the first day of January each year.  

An Authorised Agent will be reviewed by the Unit as to performance and suitability for continued involvement prior to being granted a new licence. 

Relationship with Licenced Promoters 

As Authorised Agents are solely charged with the right to submit CBI applications directly to the Unit and must be a citizen of Dominica and have a registered main office in Dominica, any sub-agent, Licenced Promoter or Approved Developer wishing to provide services to prospective CBI applicants must have a contractual relationship with an Authorised Agent for the submission of those applications on their behalf. 

To be designated as a Licenced Promoter by the Unit, in accordance with the Regulations, a person or entity must first enter into a contractual relationship with an Authorised Agent who will submit their application in accordance with the regulatory requirements to the Unit in person on their behalf. 

An Authorised Agent has the following obligations with respect to Licenced Promoters: 

  • to take reasonable steps to satisfy itself as to the identity and bona fides of each Licenced Promoter with who, the Authorised Agent enters into agreement, engages or acts in conjunction with; 
  • not engage or use any person or entity as a promoter who has not been registered and licenced in respect of whom the appropriate annual fee has not been paid; 
  • pay or cause to be paid the prescribed fee with respect to each Licenced Promoter it engages, collaborates with or otherwise uses in relation to the Citizenship by Investment Programme.