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Become a Promoter

Become a Promoter or Sub-Agent

What is a Promoter or Sub-Agent?

Authorised Agents are allowed to engage, or work in conjunction with, sub-agents and promoters, however, to do so, Authorised Agents must:

  • Take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves as to the identity and bona fides of each sub-agent or promoter
  • Ensure the sub-agent or promoter formally agrees with the terms and conditions of the Programme
  • Register the sub-agent or promoter
  • Pay (or cause to be paid) the appropriate annual fee for the sub-agent or promoter


Role of Sub-Agents and Promoters

  • Identify and communicate with prospective applicants
  • Onboard prospective applicants as clients
  • Create and disseminate accurate and up-to-date promotions, advertisements, or publications on the Citizenship by Investment Programme
  • Remain abreast of all news and developments regarding the Citizenship by Investment Programme
  • Act as an intermediary between the Authorised Agent and the client


Registration Process

  • Identify an Authorised Agent of your choosing
  • Contact the Authorised Agent and determine the details of your relationship
  • Formally agree to the terms and conditions of the Citizenship by Investment Programme
  • Pay (personally or through the Authorised Agent) the appropriate annual fee


Learn More about Dominica’s Promoters

Download the government official Promoter’s Guide to learn more about the roles and benefits of a partnership with Dominica’s CBIU, and the registration process.