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Become a Promoter

Become a Licenced Promoter

For designation as a Licenced Promoter, a person or entity must enter into a contractual relationship with an Authorised Agent. They must have a detailed application submitted on their behalf by an Authorised Agent to the Unit and pay the requisite fee.  

All Licenced Promoters must work in collaboration with a Licenced Authorised Agent. The Authorised Agent will monitor their activities, websites, and events.  

The first step in becoming a Licenced Promoter is to contact an Authorised Agent from the list available.  You may then discuss the role of Licenced Promoter directly with the Authorised Agent. 

What is a Licenced Promoter? 

Licenced Promoters are persons or entities who have entered into a contractual agreement with an Authorised Agent and have received designation as a Licenced Promoter by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) CBIU following submission of a detailed application and payment of the requisite licencing fee for the purpose of marketing the Citizenship by Investment Programme to potential applicants.   

A person or entity shall not qualify as a Licenced Promoter if any of its business owners, partners, shareholders or directors is – 

  1. a member of Parliament, or a spouse, partner, or child of a member of Parliament; or 
  2. a member of the Unit, or a spouse, partner, or child, or sibling of a member of the Unit; or 
  3. convicted of a criminal offence involving fraud, money laundering, or other financial crimes, or being investigated for fraud, money laundering or other financial crimes in any country. 

Role of Licenced Promoters 

  • Identify and communicate with prospective applicants 
  • Onboard prospective applicants as clients and perform KYC checks prior to onboarding 
  • Create and disseminate accurate and up-to-date promotions, advertisements, or publications on the Citizenship by Investment Programme 
  • Remain abreast of all news and developments regarding the Citizenship by Investment Programme 
  • Act as an intermediary between the Authorised Agent and the client 

Licenced Promoters are required to comply with the Promotional Guidelines enshrined in the Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Regulations 2024 to ensure they market and promote the Dominica CBI Programme to prospective applicants with the highest standards of accuracy and integrity to protect the reputation of the CBI Programme. 

Licenced Promoters are reviewed annually by the CBIU to monitor adherence to their obligations before re-licencing. 

Initial Registration Process 

A person or entity who meets the eligibility criteria specified in the Regulations who wishes to act as a Licenced Promoter with respect to the Citizenship by Investment Programme of the Commonwealth of Dominica, must first enter into a contractual relationship with an Authorised Agent.   

The Authorised Agent they have contracted with must submit the prospective Licenced Promoter’s application in person on their behalf by an Authorised Agent to the Unit using the prescribed application form, providing the following:  

  • proof of registration or certificate of incorporation (if applicable);  
  • a copy of the business licence (if applicable);  
  • the full names and two government-issued photographic identification documents for all business owners, partners or shareholders and directors of the entity;  
  • a copy of the approved anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policy of the entity, which shall include know-your-client (KYC) policies;  
  • a signed copy of the Licenced Promoter Licence Agreement and Code of Conduct; and 
  • payment of a non-refundable initial application fee of US$20,000. 

The prospective Licenced Promoter must also agree to undergo due diligence background checks by independent due diligence firms and the JRCC as part of the initial application process.  

Licence Renewal Process 

A Licenced Promoter who wishes to maintain its status as an Licenced Promoter must in accordance with the Regulations re-submit:  

  • the prescribed Licenced Promoter application form,  
  • the requisite supporting documents;  
  • a signed copy of the Licenced Promoter Licence Agreement and Code of Conduct; and 
  • pay the annual renewal fee of US$15,000 on or before the first day of January each year.  

The Licenced Promoter must also provide evidence of a bi-annual visit to Dominica by an authorised representative of the Licenced Promoter as part of the renewal application. 

A Licenced Promoter will be reviewed by the Unit as to performance and suitability for continued involvement prior to being granted a new licence. 

Conduct of Licenced Promoters 

The Unit introduced the Promotional Guidelines (now enshrined in the Regulations) for the purpose of protecting the reputation and integrity of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme and the CBI industry as a whole. 

Any Guidelines made under the Regulations are binding on Authorised Agents, Licenced Promoters, Approved Developers and their employees and associates and have personal responsibility for ensuring that adherence is imposed on their employees, assistants and associates. 

The licence of Licenced Promoter may be revoked in circumstances where the Unit determines that he or she has breached the terms of this code of conduct for reasons including, but not limited to:  

  • carrying out business in a manner detrimental to the interest of his or her clients or to the reputation of the Commonwealth of Dominica and/or the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme;  
  • charging fees below the minimum thresholds or engaging in non-authorised fee arrangements; or  
  • disseminating inaccurate information and/or promoting the CBI programme whether directly, or indirectly through sub-agents with which it has a contractual relationship with, in breach of the Promotional Guidelines and failure upon notification by the Unit to rectify said breaches.