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Become a Promoter

Become a Promoter or Sub-Agent

What is a Promoter or Sub-Agent?

Authorised Agents are allowed to engage, or work in conjunction with, sub-agents and promoters, however, to do so, Authorised Agents must:

  • Take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves as to the identity and bona fides of each sub-agent or promoter
  • Ensure the sub-agent or promoter formally agrees with the terms and conditions of the Programme
  • Register the sub-agent or promoter
  • Pay (or cause to be paid) the appropriate annual fee for the sub-agent or promoter


Role of Sub-Agents and Promoters

  • Identify and communicate with prospective applicants
  • Onboard prospective applicants as clients
  • Create and disseminate accurate and up-to-date promotions, advertisements, or publications on the Citizenship by Investment Programme
  • Remain abreast of all news and developments regarding the Citizenship by Investment Programme
  • Act as an intermediary between the Authorised Agent and the client


Registration Process

  • Identify an Authorised Agent of your choosing
  • Contact the Authorised Agent and determine the details of your relationship
  • Formally agree to the terms and conditions of the Citizenship by Investment Programme
  • Pay (personally or through the Authorised Agent) the appropriate annual fee