November 2023 - Dominica


reasons to love Dominica

10 Reasons to love Dominica

Dominica | 30.11.2023

Discover the magical charm of this paradise island: 10 reasons to fall in love with Dominica. Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Dominica stands as a hidden...

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climate-resilient homes in Dominica

Climate-resilient homes in Dominica

Dominica | 24.11.2023

Climate-resilient homes in Dominica are a crucial aspect of the Island’s commitment to sustainable building projects. Bold steps are being taken towards a...

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Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Sector

Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Sector

Dominica Dominica Citizenship | 22.11.2023

Eco-friendly travel is at the heart of Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Sector.  While other islands are after commercialised tourism, Dominica is voicing for...

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‘The Cool List 2024’

National Geographic Traveller’s ‘The Cool List 2024′ Spotlights Dominica

Dominica | 10.11.2023

Dominica, the Caribbean's hidden gem, graces the coveted spot-on National Geographic Traveller's 'The Cool List 2024.' The Commonwealth of Dominica featured in the...

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