October 2020 - Dominica



Dominica Earmarks 441 Acres of Land for the Construction of New International Airport

Dominica | 30.10.2020

The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has recently announced the acquisition of just over 400 acres of land for the construction of its first-ever...

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Dominica Proudly Launches ‘Safe In Nature’ Campaign

Dominica | 20.10.2020

The Commonwealth of Dominica has proudly launched its ‘Safe in Nature’ programme alongside Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), and the Ministry of...

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Post-Citizenship Additions in Dominica: An Easy Flowchart

Government Notices | 19.10.2020

Post-Citizenship Additions in Dominica: An Easy Flowchart Dominica’s 2020 Regulations expanded the ways in which an economic citizen can make a post-citizenship...

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Citizenship by Investment Funds Boost Dominica’s Local Economy

Dominica | 08.10.2020

When one considers Citizenship by Investment (CBI), the main focus is usually on the benefits that a second passport will offer the investor. The prospect of having...

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